José Luís del Moral Barilari

José Luís del Moral Barilari. He obtained his Law degree, class 1987 -1992, granted by the Universidad de Valencia. His speciality is Private Law, with particular emphasis in contractual and construction law as well as maritime law.

Doctor in Law (Ph.D in Law) for the Catholic University of Valence.

Preparation for bar examinations regarding notary´s offices (year 1993-1996)

Course on Tax Advisory at the Center for Financial Studies (year 1997).

He has a Master in “Scientific Research” from Universitat Católica San Vicente Mártir achieving the highest qualification “E”.

Author of:

  • “Complete Treaty in Civil Law” (5 volumes), digital edition and published at iBooks, Applestore.
  • “The consignee liability according to the Supreme Court Judgment 26th», Maritime Law Annual of Spain, 2008, pages 335 ss.
  • “ The swap contract in exchange of future work”, published at the Magazine “ La Notaría”, Nº 2, 2013.
  • «Some ideas about conditions: the selling of a urban plot under disolving condigion of becoming a solar» , published in the Revista La Notaria Nº 2 de 2.014
  • “The distribution of praestatio with mortgage guarantee and the mortage of maximum ” and “Donation: neither act nor contract» both in press for its publication in the Revista La Notaria de diciembre de 2.015
  • Works:
  • I have participated in the elaboration of Amendments to the Project of General Navigation Law,  approved by the Ministers Conseil the 3th of November 2006, under the Coordination of Ignacio Arroyo Martínez and the cooperation of José Luis Gabaldón García, Carlos Górriz López, Carlos López Rueda, Nuria Orellana, Félix Ruiz Gálvez y Alicia Velasco.
    • Conferences:XXIV Jornadas Nacionales de Derecho Civil, Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Buenos Aires 2.013, con el título: “A new formulation of contractual law”.

      Jornada de Derecho Marítimo, organizadas por la AEDM, Palacio de Zurbano-Madrid 2.008, con el título: “The responsability of the vessel´s agent”.

      Jornada de Derecho Marítimo, organizadas por la AEDM, Palacio de Zurbano-Madrid 2.009, con el título: “Loaders or transporters ¿Balance or unbalance?”


      I have been Coordinador of a Master of Maritime Law organized by the University of Valencia, Department of Commercial Law “Manuel Broseta Pont”, where I have given different classes about International Commercial Selling, Letters of Credit, Documentary Credit,  Incoterms, Freight and Transport under Bill of Lading and Arrest of Ships.

      He has organized several important events in Valencia regarding the Maritime Law, like the 720 Anniversary ot the Consulado del Mar de la Lonja de Valencia or setting up a new International Tribunal for Commerce and Navigation.

    • He is currently teaching in the Foundation Universitas about preparation and orientation to the Contract Law.Idiomas:

      Francés bilingüe (antiguo alumno del Lycée Français de Valence), lo que le ha permitido la redacción de su tesis doctoral en castellano y francés. Inglés nivel alto y valenciano y catalán básicos. Todos ellos oral y escritoCommercial and Maritime

    • Arbitraje Tribunal for .  la creación de un nuevo Tribunal Internacional de Arbitraje Comercial y Marítimo.

He belongs to the following organisms:

Titulary Member of the International Maritime Comitée (IMC).

Consulting Member of the European Intermodal Research Advisory Council (EIRAC).

Ex Vicepresident of the Spanish Association of Maritime Law (AEDM) and a current member of it.

Stages abroad:

Periodo d´Investigazione (30 September 2.014 a 10 January 2.015 in the Department of Law “Antonio Cicu” in the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bolonia, under the consultancy of Profsa. Dra. Greta Tellarini.



Awarded by the Forum Europa «As Scientific Researcher 2.015»

Entrega de premio Jose Luis Del Moral

Entrega de premio Jose Luis Del Moral

Entrega de premio Jose Luis Del Moral

Entrega de premio Jose Luis Del Moral