Reports over any aspect linked with the concept of limits, scope, requirements, formation, form, documentation, interpretation and integration, efficacy and inefficacy of any contract of category of contracts. Drafting and negotiation concerning civil and commercial contracts

Civil Contracts

  • Contract for transfer of ownership of real or movable estate, material or immaterial goods
  • Contract of assignment (lease and others, eviction) of real or movable estate, material or immaterial
  • Contract for consumers
  • Standard form contracts: general conditions for the hiring
  • Contract for the provision of services and execution works contract
  • Contract for the avoidance of conflicts:
  • Arbitration and transaction
  • Aleatory
  • Partnership agreements
  • Guarantee

Commercial Contracts

  • Electronic procurement
  • Contract on immaterial goods
  • Banking contract
  • Insurance contract
  • Transport and navigation contract
  • Finance contract
  • Advertising contract
  • Contracts concerning touristic matters

Consumption and general conditions of contracting

  • Every type of proceedings settled before any jurisdiction or administrative request or arbitral about contractual responsibility or whose “quaestio litis” has a link with the scope, interpretation, integration or inefficacy of a civil or commercial contract.
  • Legal rulings and reports
  • Proceedings (judicial and arbitral) related to the infringement of the General Act of Defence of the Consumers and Users (even the promoted by associations or groups of affected)
  • Proceedings to urge the nullity of the Contracting General Conditions