Fields of law

Bankruptcy law

  • Legal rulings and reports
  • Assessment of the necessity, convenience and possibility of entering into a voluntary bankruptcy
  • Performance as lawyers of the bankrupted company either in voluntary bankruptcies
  • either in necessary ones (monitoring of the bankruptcy and its request)
  • Intervention in the ERES that can raise in the bankruptcy
  • Performance as bankruptcy administrators

Contentious administrative law

  • Processing of the expropriation proceedings, during the administrative phase as well as the jurisdictional one.
  • Processing of administrative and sanctioning procedures, during the administrative stage as well as the jurisdictional one.

Real estate, Construction, Registration and Condominium property law

  • Legal rulings and reports
  • Drafting of any kind of contracts
  • Development of real estate promotions
  • Dunning and defence procedures related to vices in the construction
  • Declaratory action, action of recovery possession and “negatoria” action
  • Possessory proceeding and of new work
  • Judicial proceedings and notarial dossiers foreseen or based on the Mortgage law
  • Proceedings on inevitable obligation
  • Proceedings of demarcation and boundaries

Employment law

Employment hiring and employment conditions

  • Study, interpretation and writing of employment contracts
  • Retributive systems
  • Confidentiality, exclusivity and non-competence agreements
  • Senior managers: contracts, agreements and cessation
  • Special relation of the domestic worker
  • Claims related to the employment relation
  • Workday
  • Maternity and Paternity
  • Leaves, licences and holidays
  • Family conciliation
  • Leaves of absence and working time reduction
  • Expenses or allowances

Modifications to the Contract of Employment

  • Geographical and functional mobility
  • Collective modifications of the working conditions
  • Redundancies

Collective bargaining

  • Pacts and agreements in the collective sphere
  • Negotiation and interpretation of Collective agreements
  • Strike and lockout
  • Collective disputes
  • Trade union freedom
  • Contestation of collective agreements


  • Dismissals for objective reasons
  • Dismissal for disciplinary reasons
  • Record of the Employment Regulation (ERE): suspension, extinction and inside a bankruptcy proceeding
  • Extinction claim due to the worker’s will
  • Disciplinary and informative records


  • Action before the Employment and Social Security Inspection in matters related to sanctions and others (look at the Administrative law section)
  • Illegal cession of employees (look at Company law section)
  • Industrial accident (look at Criminal-Employment law section)
  • Appeal of “Suplicación” and High Court appeal

Admiralty law

  • International maritime sales
  • Leasing contract of vessels, affreightment and maritime transport of goods in the regime of bill of lading; intermediation contracts on transport; contracts of passage; pilotage contracts; towline contracts; contracts of port handling; consignment and agency contracts; contracts of construction, repair, sales and funding of vessels, as well as its exportation, importation, registry and flagging
  • COAs, affreightment contracts; sales of goods and lease of services; contracts of construction and financing of vessels; contracts of transport logistics
  • Collision, salvage, findings and maritime extractions, general average, complaints of personal and material damages, proposal of limitation of liability, marine and environmental pollution, in the inherent proceedings to them, either in Spain either abroad, through its correspondents. The Firm also provides its professional services for the investigation and pursuit of maritime and documentary fraud.
  • Sanctioning Administrative Enquiry, paying special interest to those related to marine pollution. In addition, the Firm provides counsel on port concessions and authorizations, as well as in proceedings of patrimonial liability of the Public Administration
  • Counsel and solution of disputes about recreational sailing; sales and funding of yachts; accidents, insurance and civil liability derived from them

Corporate law and of cooperatives

  • Legal rulings and reports
  • Constitution, merger, take-over and split of companies and cooperatives
  • Corporate transactions
  • Liability of administrators and of the board members
  • Contestation of corporate resolutions
  • Transmission of securities and emission of bonds and securities
  • Syndication agreements
  • Writing of any type of documents and acts of the corporation and cooperative
  • Running of the Secretariat of commercial corporations and cooperatives