Industrial and Intellectual Property

  • Legal advice and legal rulings
  • Proceedings concerning trademark, patent, utility models and industrial design annulment and infringement
  • Assignment contracts, trademark licensing, patents, utility model and industrial design.
  • Civil procedures related to registered trademarks infringements in regard to domain names.
  • Legal advice concerning domain names
  • Lawsuits claiming domain names. Defense before WIPO.

Intellectual Property

  • Reports and legal rulings regarding judiciary proceedings in matters concerning IP and media rights.
  • Procedures in defense of either authors or IP right holders
  • Procedures against TV entities in defense of management agencies dealing with IP rights
  • Establishing procedures before Bodies preserving competition in behalf of either right holders or IP rights management agencies
  • Procedures against radio entities and Exploting Agencies of public facilities due to either breach of contract or non- authorized public recordings disclosure
  • Procedures against Media Services Providers or consumers in defense of IP rights holders because of right defeat on the Net.
  • Legal representation of recording companies in proceedings about non- authorized commercial exploitation of phonograms on the Internet.
  • Legal representation of recording companies in disputes against authors and artists
  • Civil procedures concerning preventive measures in order to obtain the cease of the exploitation over immaterial goods and the contract fulfillment
  • – Legal advice on contracts related to audiovisual and recording market.
  • The expert role in IP before either Jurisdictional Courts or Arbitration Seats in a domestic and international scope.
  • Spanish Copyright Commission: legal management in a concrete scope before that body either in its mediation functions as in its arbitral role.